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Friday, September 19, 2008

Sometimes You Have to Laugh

"What IS that?" you might be wondering.  Well, let me tell you.  It is my little Liza's hair.  This afternoon, as I was on the phone in another room, my little Harrison and Liza went off to play together.  I should have known it was too quiet.  While I was still on the phone Harrison came up to me with a wad of hair in his hand saying, "Look what Liza did mommy!"  As I raced past him I was a bit disturbed to see the trail of hair on our bathroom floor.  After inspecting Liza's head and finding that the chunks of hair were taken from the back, I quickly deduced that it was NOT Liza who had done the cutting but rather my little Harrison!

Harrison finally fessed up and was sent to his room for a timeout.  Twice before Harrison has played barber, but it has always been his own hair.  This is the first time he has ventured to try out his cutting skills on another person's hair.  Just when I think he is over his haircutting phase he moves on to using his sister's hair.  Oh my!

It was all I could do to take a picture of the hair on the floor.  I couldn't bear to take a picture of my little LuLu with the new layers in the back of her head.  Tomorrow she will visit my hairstylist to get a new look ( which thankfully, she seems excited about).  I will post pictures of Liza's new hairstyle tomorrow.

While I know he is upset by it, Harrison, the Hairstylist to Toddlers, has been put into early retirement ( at least we hope he has!)  Tune in tomorrow to see Liza's new "do".


Mark, Rebecca and Sophia said...

Oh my, oh my! You had quite a day! Glad you can laugh...

NCMomof3 said...

Your blog made me laugh as well as it made me recount the day Sydney decided to cut her hair off too. The pictures you post are awesome.. thank you so much for taking the time to share them with us. I will definitly stop by often to see what you have cookin over here..