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Saturday, September 13, 2008

All in a Day

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Once upon a time I used to think of Saturdays as lazy, lounge around, do whatever kind of days.  Of course, that is before I had kids.  Now that Benjamin and Harrison are my little athletes Saturdays are days filled with lots of activities.  Ben's day started nice and early this morning when he left the house with Ed at 6:45am in order to make it to his football pictures on time.  The rest of us left the house at a more reasonable time of 8:30 to make it to Benjamin's kick off at 9am.  From football the kids and I came home with Ed's parents to set up the crib that they brought us.  No sooner did we get it together than it was time to get Harrison in his soccer uniform and out to the soccer field for his game.  From soccer it was right to Target to pick up a birthday gift for Ben's teammate.  We rushed back home, picked up Ben's swimsuit and then we were off to drop him off at his buddy's birthday party.  About an hour and a half later, it was back to the friend's house to pick up Big Ben and by then it was dinner time.  Whew!  Can we slow down yet?  So, as you can see, Saturday's are anything but our lazy, lounge around kind of days.  Funny thing though, I don't think I would have it any other way!

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NCMomof3 said...

Smiling.. Yes.. this was a busy day wasn't it... (not that I am complaining at all because I am not the one walking around 9 months pregnant.. :)~~ I love the picture of the boys... its classic. Thanks for sharing your talent..