Shabby Miss Jenn

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Lose For Good

If you have been thinking about losing a little bit of weight, now is a great time to join Weight Watchers.  Weight Watchers is launching their Lose For Good Campaign.  This is an awesome campaign aimed at helping both members and those less fortunate.  For the next 6 weeks, for each pound that WW members lose, WW will donate the equivalent of one pound of food to those who are underfed.  Now, if that isn't enough to tempt you to join let's throw out there the fact that there is no registration fee right now.  You can join WW for just the cost of the regular meeting price!  So, what have you got to lose ( besides that extra weight)? Find a meeting and see how many pounds you can lose over the next six weeks.  You will be losing for your own good (bye bye extra pounds) and for the good of those less fortunate who are in need of food.  

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