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Friday, May 22, 2009

Can't Leave Out Ms. Becky

Sorry Ms Becky!  When I uploaded the pictures for my last post I didn't click on yours!  You would be proud to know that when I shared that last post with Harrison the first thing he said was, "Where is my picture with Ms Becky?  How sweet is that?

The End of His Preschool Years

Just a few short years ago I took this picture of Harrison as he headed off to his first day of preschool.  He was so happy to be joining his big brother Benjamin at their preschool in Kennesaw.  He loved school that year.  He would come home telling us he saw "B" on the playground.  In fact, that is how our boys got their nicknames.  When Ben saw Harrison he was always shouting "B....B..." since he couldn't say his brother's name yet.  To be funny Ben started calling him "H", as did his teachers.  The nicknames stuck and we now have an "H" and a "B".  For his first year at preschool Harrison was in the youngest class while his brother was in the oldest class.  I think he liked having the security of having his brother there.  Just look at this little picture!  Aren't they cute??

Now, fast forward a few years and we come to  today, Harrison's last day of preschool. I snapped this shot of my H-man as he headed off to his last day of preschool.  I can't believe it- preschool over for my little guy.  A lot of things have changed since that first picture up there.  We moved and Harrison had to start all over again at a new preschool.  He did it all on his own, without his big brother.  He made his own set of friends and learned the ropes of a new preschool.  This year it was Harrison in the leader role as he was in the oldest group of kids while his little sister was in the "baby" class.  He helped Liza learn a thing or two about preschool ( mainly just warning her to stay out of "time out".)

I am so proud of this little dude.  I have seen him change and grow and he is such a fun little person.  I love the joy I see in his face as he runs into his classroom.  I love hearing that sweet, immature voice tell me about what they did in school.  I love the way he completely loves his friends at school.  And, while I know all of that won't change with him at "big school", I know some of it will and I will miss my little man being in preschool. 

So, while I post about my pride in Harrison as he completes his preschool years, I can't help but to be grateful for the teachers along the way.  Below is Harrison's first teacher, Miss Jessica.  She also worked with Harrison's big brother and she knew our little Liza was she was just a tiny thing.  When we moved we wished we could take Miss Jessica with us.  She was an awesome teacher and my kiddos still remember her.  Miss Jessica's "partner in crime" was Ms Becky.  Ms Becky loved her H and H loved her too.  We still miss our friends from our old preschool!

Now, although we do miss the people of KUMC preschool, we were blessed to end up Harrison's preschool years with Mrs. Lewis and Ms. Anita.  You couldn't ask for any better teachers.  These ladies are a great team and they provided Harrison with a loving class where he could learn, explore and grow.  Although they had a handful of a class they had the calmest learning environment ever.  These two are gifted teachers and I am so glad that Harrison had them.

Thank you to all of our Harrison's teachers who have helped him along in his schooling journey!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's Here!

It's here-  my photography blog that is.  I've haven't been around here much lately as I have launched my business!  My blogsite is finally up and functioning and I have even put some of my friends, turned clients, on there!  Go check it out by clicking HERE.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Louisa's Big Day

Mother's Day was a big day for us.  Our little Louisa was baptized.  What a great Mother's Day it was.  It was amazing to stand up on the altar with my four little ( some not so little anymore) angels that God sent to us.  Even though I kept telling myself all morning that I needed to take it all in ( since this was our last little one to baptize) I think the morning just rushed right by.  I wanted to really listen to our ministers.  I wanted to really hear what they were saying.  Instead, what was this mommy doing??? While our family was up at the altar I was watching Benjamin mouth the words, "She is going to scream" repeatedly.  I took in my little Harrison's sweet face as he was just beaming as I handed his baby sister over to the minister.  As for Liza, all I could see was her back.  Seems she thought kind of hanging over the altar rail, looking out at the crowd, was cool.  And my little Louisa, was just a happy, smiling little baby, sitting in the minister's arms.  My little, sweet girl, is officially marked and sealed as one of God's own and now has an even bigger family than she did before.  Hello church family!

Now, you know me, I can't have an occasion such as this without pictures so here are a few from the day:

Here are three generations of women from my family.   I know my grandmas would be so proud.  I just know they were up in Heaven beaming with joy as we baptized their great granddaughter on a day to commemorate mothers.  I am so sad that my little ones won't ever know first hand what great women their great grandmothers were.  Lucky for me though, those great women taught me a thing or two.  Although my kids can't see my grandmothers they do know of them.  I speak their names and tell stories about them all the time.  My little Harrison will even ask to hear special stories again- "Hey Mom, remember that time your grandma..."  I think it is so cute that he wants to know if I remember a story that I told him!

A family picture!  These are kind of rare around here.  Usually, I am missing from the picture.  Can anyone guess why I am actually IN a picture??  Anyone???  My dad was here.  King of the "let me take a picture" crowd.  He is the one who taught me how to be a photo historian!  I see this picture and can't believe that that big family is mine :-)

And one of my favorite pictures from the day.  Look at Miss Louisa.  Isn't she the prettiest??  I just love this picture.  The light makes it look so dramatic.  

It was the perfect Mother's Day.  I had my mom here and all my babies.  Who could ask for more??

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Play Ball!

It is another season so that means another sport for our family.  This year marks Harrison's first year in t-ball.  The child is really pretty good at it!  Ed and I sometimes look at each other in amazement when we see what our little man can do.  The kid has an arm and he can really whack the ball too- even off the pitch.  And just look at that smile on that picture down there.

To make it even more fun we are playing with our friends/neighbors.  We have played every sport with them this year which has really made life fun for the kids ( and the mommies too!)  You can see our cute friends here.

Now, since Harrison is playing t-ball that means we are watching t-ball- even the littlest one!  Check out our newest t-ball fan:

Looks like she likes it as much as Harrison!

Friday, May 1, 2009

The Sanchez Family

My photography business site is not quite done but I really wanted this family to be able to see their video.  This is the Sanchez family, the first family willing to take a chance on me taking their pictures.  They were the first family that we met in our neighborhood when we moved here a few years ago.  Actually, we didn't meet in the neighborhood-Barbara and I met on the sidelines of a football field as we watched our kids playing flag football.  We had just moved here a week or two earlier and didn't know many young families.  Barbara and I  got to talking only to discover that we lived one street apart, in the same neighborhood!  We have played ball together and have watched our kids grow up over the last few years.  

I had the privilege of taking their family pictures last weekend.  I just love how they came out.  You can tell by their pictures what a great family this is.  Gotta love when you can capture what people are really like in pictures!  Only sad thing is, this summer they are moving :-(  We are so sad to see them getting ready to go.  At least we'll have this cool video to look at when we miss them :-)