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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Back to School for H

Usually Harrison is my best "model".  He doesn't mind posing for pictures while mommy practices her photography.  Well, this morning was different.  It was time for his back to school picture and as you can see by the photo, he wasn't too happy.  Of course, before he gave me that unforgettable look we had had words over coming downstairs to brush his hair and teeth, getting a pair of socks and answering his mommy when I speak to him.  ( All of that was going on while Liza was pitching a fit about me doing her hair!  Can you tell our house was fun this morning?)  Anyway, I finally did coax a smile out of my boy when I reminded him that he was my BEST model.  I must say he is a cutie-patootie!

His first day of school went great.  He went right in his new classroom, leaving me and Liza standing in the doorway waving bye-bye to his back as he went off to play with his new friends.  Although I didn't get too much information out of him about his day he did tell me that his snack was two crackers and one thing of fruit chewies- exactly two crackers and one fruit chewy thing- no seconds!  Perhaps tomorrow I will find out more than what he had for snack.

Tomorrow will be Liza's first day of school.  Hopefully, she will be a bit more cooperative about having her first day of school picture made.  Tune in tomorrow to see how our little Liza does going to school for the first time.


sarah said...


sarah said...

OK Jenn- I am trying to learn how to comment on your blog...I love seeing the kids like this. Your photos are getting better and better by the way. The football ones were just super. I cannot get my camera to do that- I have read the manual and tried me!