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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Liza's New 'Do and New 'Tude

Well, here she is with her big girl haircut!  Ed and I think she looks older with her slightly shorter hair.  Ms. Amy did such a nice job taking over where Harrison the hairstylist left off.  When she left the salon she was even sportin' some cute little curls.  Unfortunately, because of the weather, the curls didn't make it into the picture.  

Along with her new hairdo, our little Liza has also found a new attitude.  She shocked us all tonight by telling her brothers to "shut up!".  We have all tried to guess where she might have picked up her new phrase as it isn't commonly used in our our house.  The boys are quite sure that she has picked it up from some scene in the Little Mermaid (Liza's favorite movie), but neither Ed nor myself can recall a single incident where the phrase is used in that movie or its' sequels.  So, it looks like we have a new issue to work on with Liza.  The hair is fixed but the attitude now needs a little adjustin'.  Never a dull moment around here!

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