Shabby Miss Jenn

Monday, March 14, 2011

Exciting Times

So it has been a while since I have posted here but it doesn't mean that life hasn't been happening. It has been happening- fast and furious- but good. So , what is it that has brought me back to the good old family blog? Well, it boils down to a little bit of guilt and a whole lot of learning. I have been spending the colder winter weather catching my breath from the busy Christmas season. Before Christmas, I was behind my camera a lot shooting for other people. Once the holiday rush subsided I was able to pick my camera back up for me. I have been taking a few photography courses and shooting my kids for the fun of it. Over the past few months my hard drive has been filling up with oodles of images that melt my heart but I haven't done a thing with them. Just having them has been enough for me. So, in the hopes of preserving some memories for my kids- back to the blog I go!

Out of hibernation and into capturing my family happening again. Tonight we start with the two big events of the day. One event was a milestone while the other is just a quirky little thing that makes one a part of the Reno family.

Let's start with the quirky one! Below you will see images captured while we scarfed down our pizza tonight ( mommy wasn't together enough to pick up from two schools, bake my friend a birthday cake and get Liza to dance AND cook dinner). If you are at all familiar with our family than you know we are pretty wild about basketball. This has long been a favorite time of year for me- March Madness- and I am proud to say all of my kids are getting to be pretty wild about it too.

Today, at dinner, we all made our brackets- and I do mean ALL of us. Even Louisa has a bracket. Although, we aren't too sure about hers since she kept telling us Mickey Mouse was going to win every game. The bigger kids did their best to help her pick winners though. Liza picked her winners by figuring out which mascot would win out over the other. Harrison conferred with is dad for his picks and Ben has been watching enough SportsCenter to do his picks blindfolded! So, all six of our brackets are done. Let the games begin!

This leads us to the second big event of the day. See all those papers down there? Those are registration papers. Liza is now officially registered for "big school". As hard as it is to believe our little girl who wasn't even a year old when we moved here, is now getting ready to follow her big brothers to elementary school. When I see that picture of her walking with her little friend into school I know she is ready. Now, let's just hope mommy is ready when the fall rolls around!

So, those are the big happenings from the Reno crew. No, it isn't anything earth-shattering, but in our corner of the world this is the stuff that life is made of. And it is good stuff.