Shabby Miss Jenn

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My First Real Photo Shoot

I did my first real shoot last week for Harrison's preschool.  Boy was it fun!  I got to snap pictures of 37 of Harrison's little buddies.  I am hoping this may become a tradition for the "graduating" class at the preschool.  

Above is one of my favorite pictures ( her mom said I could post this here).  This little one was a natural.  She sat herself right down and criss crossed her arms just like that without me telling her a thing!  This is just one of several beautiful images that I captured of her.  This is her official "end of preschool" picture.  Seems fitting since she is so grown up looking.  

I am working on a slideshow of the images next.  That will be coming soon!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Happy Easter from our gang!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Is That My Baby??

I took some pictures this afternoon and when I saw this one I seriously wondered what had happened to my baby!  Louisa is getting big so fast.  She is quickly approaching toddlerhood.

Love this pictures of Daddy with his baby girl:

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Big Tent

So, our spring break trip to the beach is turning out to be on the cool side.  But, hey, it doesn't matter.  We are enjoying time to play and just have fun.  No worrying about who needs to be where, no homework to complete, and no practices to attend.  

Our adventure today took us to the circus!  The kids had never been to a circus but had heard plenty about them.  We had great seats and the kids got to experience it all. We saw tightrope walkers, clowns, women who hung by the hair ( oww!), elephants, camels and of course, a man shot out of a canon!

At intermission they had pony rides and such.  Harrison and Liza wanted to go (Ben was too big) so Ed took them.  When they put Liza on the pony she wasn't too wild about it so this is a picture of Liza's pony ride:

Liza thought the ponies were a little better from outside the ring.

Harrison was much more excited.  He liked that little pony!

The kids loved the circus.  In a few years we will do it all again so that Louisa will be able to remember it!

Wii Sports Pays Off

With no school this week we are enjoying some time at the beach.  Unfortunately, our first day with no school was a bit rainy and windy.  Not to fear though- there is a new entertainment place down here with some bowling lanes.  The boys have been wanting to check it out so we did!

Our practice on the Wii sure has paid off.  All of us did pretty well.  Of course, it helped that the bowling lane had bumpers that we could put up ( no gutter balls for us) and this cool ramp thing for the little ones to use.

Here is Ben showing his best Wii Sports bowling form:
And here is Harrison using the cool ramp thing:
And I love this picture of Liza and her Daddy watching the ball roll down the lane:
The kids got really excited for each other.  I snapped this picture of the boys just about smooshing Liza after a good round:
All in all it was good fun.  Oh, and just in case you are wondering- Mommy won!!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

The Beginning of Our Spring Break

Spring Break makes you think of warmth, sun, the beach and good, plain fun.  While it still makes us think of all of those it will now also make us think of curious cousins, emergency rooms, and missed basketball games.

Our spring break happened to overlap my sister's kids' spring break.  So, since they were going to the beach and we were too, we decided to meet up.  To make it even better the homeowner's meeting for my parent's beach place was this weekend so they were there too.  How fun- getting to see lots of family at once!

When we first meet up we decided to go on a beach walk.  It was a tad windy but we didn't care.  Because I can't help myself I had to take the camera along.  This first shot is my niece, Chelsea.  While I was taking it I asked her if her mom was doing this to her all the time ( meaning taking pictures) since she is in a photography class.  This is the look I got.  No need for words with that look.  I can tell the answer is "yes, my mom does this ALL the time!".

Next, I captured this picture of Molly.  She is a character.  Can you tell by her pose?  It is a little of "don't mess with me", mixed with "guess what I am up to".   She was my best model.  She let me take a lot of pictures but this is the one that made the cut for the blog tonight.

Now, I couldn't leave my kids out of the picture sharing so I had to add this really bad, cut Chelsea's head off picture because I love what I captured in Harrison's face.  This kid lives to be around other kids.  He loves being with his cousins.  I think it is so sweet.  In fact, he and Molly totally "get" each other.  My sister and I think it is the whole middle child thing.  They are seriously very much alike!

And finally, a picture from the beach walk.  While it is a far off shot it cracks me up.  To look at my mom and Liza you would think it was 30 degrees on the beach that day- hats on, hoods up.  I love it!  It actually wasn't cold, just windy.  As my mom explained to Liza you needed the hood so your hair doesn't get messed up.  So, obviously I have been missing out on this trick since Liza's hair seems to always be messed up.  Perhaps I should have her wear her hood all day long- inside and outside!

So, back to the whole emergency room thing.  I bet you are wondering if I am ever going to get around to explaining that comment.  Seems that Harrison and Molly decided to go exploring in my parent's medicine cabinet on Saturday night while us grown ups were watching the first of the final four games.  We aren't sure how, but apparently Molly was able to get bottles of aspirin and Tylenol out of the medicine cabinet.  She however, couldn't open them.  In swoops Harrison to save the day because he could open them! ( Yes they were supposed to be child proof!).  Meanwhile, Liza has joined them in their little fun.  We aren't clear on what all went on next but shortly after this happened my dad walks in to find pills all over the floor.  After questioning the kids we learn that at least Harrison had eaten a pill or two or four!  Liza said she didn't eat any (because they "were nasty") nor did Molly.  Not knowing who had eaten what we figured we would have to go to the ER.  So, we took Ben and Louisa over to Ed's parents ( yes, they were at the beach too!) while Ed, myself, Sarah, Guy, Molly, Liza and Harrison all took off for the ER to have blood work done.  

We all had a lovely time in the ER from about 9:00PM to 2:00AM.  All the kiddos were fine and all of us now have a story that we won't soon let them forget.  So, that is why spring break will now make use think of ERs and curious cousins.  

Now we are just hoping that the rest of our spring break will be a bit more calm!!