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Monday, September 29, 2008

A Little Slow Getting the Pictures Out

Ok, so even though I did have three kids, they were three, fairly independent kids, affording me lots of time to play around with my photos and put them on the computer. Alright, well maybe it wasn't LOTS of time, but at least there was a little time.  With Baby Louisa joining the gang things are a bit different.  I did enlist the help of Mom Mom this afternoon to snap a few pictures of the kiddos.  Here is one of my favorites.  I promise there will be more to come soon- just as soon as Louisa decides that night is for sleeping and daytime is for being awake!

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Adam, Jessica, Jake, & Emma said...

Jenn-she is beautiful! I can't believe how much your family has grown since Georgia. You all look great and it nice to get a peek into your lives!Congratulations!
Jessica (Old Hayes/Supper Club buddy)