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Sunday, October 5, 2008

We Were Visited By the Clothes Fairies!

You have probably heard of the Tooth Fairy- that magical creature who sneaks into kids' rooms, takes their teeth and leaves them money.  You may have even heard of the Tangle Fairy who visits little girls in the middle of the night just to tangle up their hair.  But, have you heard of the Clothes Fairies- kind and generous people who bring you clothes for your kids?  

We had two Clothes Fairies visit us this weekend.  As you can see from the pictures, Liza and Louisa ( and their mom and dad!) were blessed to receive a ton of clothes from my sister, Sarah, and my "sister friend", Amal.  Both have two girls and both have been clothing Liza ( and now Louisa) since they joined our family.  My attic is a storehouse of little girl clothes from size newborn to 4T.  Each season, I just make a short trip up a flight of stairs, pull out a big, plastic tub of clothes and my little girls are outfitted for the season.  Nice, huh?  Nicer still, and something that speaks volumes about Sarah and Amal, is the fact that both are "consignment queens".  They work church consignment sales, they consign things, BUT they unselfishly pick out the cutest stuff and bring it to us.  So, this is a big, ole, public THANK YOU to my clothes fairies, Sarah and Amal.

But, that's not all...

The Princess Fairy came to visit us too.  That's right, the princess fairy- AKA my neice, Molly- sent Liza (and eventually Louisa) princess dresses and shoes.  Now, important to know about Molly is that she LOVES dress up shoes.  When I pulled not one, not two, but three pairs of dress up shoes out of the bag I just had to know how my sister managed to get them out of the house.  I found out that she laid out all of their princess dresses and shoes and gave Molly the job of  "picking out everything that Liza NEEDS for dress up."  Molly took her job very seriously and picked out dresses and shoes.  Liza sends a big thank you to her cousin for sending her such nice things.

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Mark, Rebecca and Sophia said...

Cool! Those are the bestr kind of fairies! Lucky you.