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Friday, October 3, 2008

How I Get My Photos to Look So Cool

One of my favorite recently posted pictures:

I have had a few people ask me about the photos I post on my blog.  Most people want to know what kind of camera I use.  Some others have asked if I use templates for the photos.  Well, here are the answers!

You guys know me- I am not a professional photographer- just a person who really enjoys photography.  Several years ago Ed fed my obsession with photography by getting me a Canon Digital Rebel.  I have loved the camera and fell even more in love with it this summer after taking an online photography course from Jessica Sprague's website. 

The photography course got me taking lots of practice shots and learning even more about Photoshop.  During the course of the class I ran across this awesome website and blog that offers actions to use in photoshop, mcp actions
Actions are basically a series of recorded steps that are used in photoshop to tweak or enhance your photos.  One of the neatest products that Jodi has on her website is her Magic Blog It Board collection.  I use the blog it board collection to help me make the cool collage type photos that you have seen on my blog.  The set is really easy to use and you end up with these awesome looking pictures.  If you are at all interested in posting pictures similar to the one above on your blog or website and you are a photoshop user, check out MCP Actions!

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Mark, Rebecca and Sophia said...

I am going to have to play with this. Just need time...

Or I could just take a road trip to get you to take Sophia's one year old pics!