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Monday, October 20, 2008

Even a Mom Wants Her Own Mommy!

Louisa is a little over three weeks old now and for the first two weeks of her life she was lucky enough to have her Mom Mom here with her.  The rest of us were lucky too.  Otherwise my kids would have been eating peanut butter and jelly every night and wearing dirty clothes!

My Mom went back home over a week ago now and I have been meaning to post on here as a small way to thank her ( and my Dad who had to live without her for 2 weeks).  Seems though, without my Mom here I can't ever get on the computer!  

No matter how old you get ( and I sure feel like I am getting old!) you still want your mom around.  Mom graciously gave up two weeks to come and stay with us while we got adjusted to life with another baby in the house.  She ran carpool duty to preschool and to the elementary school.  She cooked yummy meals for us.  She cooked meals to stock my freezer with.  She washed clothes and more clothes and more clothes.  She then folded, folded, folded those clothes.  She cleaned up dirty dishes, she kept me company when I stayed up late to feed the baby.  She bathed Harrison and Liza.  She read night night stories.  She stocked my pantry and refrigerator- more than once!  You name it and she did it.  Sounds a little tiring doesn't it?  Why in the world would someone want to come and do all of that?  Simple- she's my Mom who is a  lot like her Mom.  I come from a long line of ladies who know how to take care of their family and their kids.  They always say, "you can't fight your genes".  Well, in the case of my Mom, I don't want to fight my genes.  Seems hers are just perfect!  Hopefully, my little Liza and Louisa will grow up to be Mommies as good as mine!

Sleepy time- Mom Mom and Louisa taking a cat nap!

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Mark, Rebecca and Sophia said...

Oh, I have a mom just like yours. Lucky us!