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Monday, October 20, 2008

So I Am a Bit Slow- Sister Pictures

Don't they look like they are going to get in trouble??

Liza is so happy to be a big sister!

Alright, so in my last post I said I would share some of the cute "sister pictures" that I took.  Who knew it would take me over a week to do that?  You might be wondering why?  Easy- my Mom left me here with four kids, a husband and a dog!  Yes, I had the easy life for two glorious weeks.  I had my Mom to help cook, clean, rock the baby, wash clothes, rock the baby, run carpool, rock the baby...  You get the picture.  Things were quite nice here.  Then, strangest thing-my dad came and picked her up and took her home.  Darn!  We were hoping to keep her ( although Harrison was wondering who was cooking and cleaning for Pop Pop!)

Isn't this one sweet?  I love how Liza is holding Louisa's hand.  I must say this has taken some coaching.  For some reason Liza thinks when she holds Louisa's hand, her arm, or leg- whatever- that she is supposed to squeeze.  I feel like the old Charmin commercial- Don't squeeze the Louisa!

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