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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Some New "Blog Stars"

My friend Michelle took two of her three cute kids to the pumpkin patch with us this week.  She let me practice my photography on her little cuties, because let's face it- my little cuties are so over their mommy's obsession with photography.  Here are some of my favorite shots

I love this shot of "Baby Jessica", as Liza calls her.  She was too cute standing at my feet wanting to be picked up.  How cute is this little girl???

The only way I could get pictures of the boys was if they had a prop.  That is NOT a stick in his hand- it is a light saber!  I put these three together and sent them off to his mom so that she could take a look.   I had a label at the top- Obi Wan Kenobi.  When Michelle showed them to Ben he was a bit disappointed.  When Michelle asked why she was informed that he wasn't Obi Wan, he was Luke Skywalker.  Sorry Ben!  Miss Jenn fixed it.  I removed Obi Wan from it :-)   

Couldn't resist adding this one in.  How funny was Harrison being?  His expression just makes me laugh!!!

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