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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Not Quite as Planned

I am bound and determined to have plenty of baby pictures of ALL of my kids.  Ask my parents how many baby pictures there are of me, their middle child.  Honestly, I think there is like one picture of me as a three or four month old.  Then suddenly I am a toddler in their picture collection.  So, since I have a complex about not having any baby pictures of myself, I decided I would try to snap some pictures of Louisa today.  

I have been looking at quite a few photography blogs and I wanted to try out some of the cute shots I had seen.  Before getting Louisa involved, and perhaps a bit cranky, I enlisted the help of Liza, as my photography assistant.  From my class this summer I knew I should look for some good natural light and I should go ahead and get my settings correct.  After a little bit of complaining from Liza ( I had to threaten to let Harrison be my assistant- sibling rivalry always helps!) she finally let me snap a few shots.  Here is one of the cute ones: 

(click to enlarge)
At this point Liza started to enjoy her little photography shoot.  She decided to use some props.  This prop, Jessie the Cowgirl, just happened to be close by as we found her hiding under the stool I had just moved.   It is amazing what I can find under my furniture these days!  Anyway, Liza, suddenly having fun, kept telling me, "Take another, Mommy!"  I now have lots of Liza and Jessie pictures.  Not sure what I will do with all of them but Liza seems happy to have so many pictures of one of her favorite movie characters.

(click to enlarge)

It was finally time to try to get some pictures of Louisa.  Unfortunately, my little Louisa decided she didn't really want to cooperate.  I had seen a cute picture of a baby curled up with their cute little bum in the air.  While trying to recreate the pose I discovered that my baby prefers to be clothed.  She wants nothing to do with being in any pictures with her tushy showing.  I also discovered that Louisa is a bit impatient.  She didn't want to give me any second chances at setting my camera if I didn't get it right the first time.  I missed quite a few shots.  After all was said and done I did get one picture that I loved just because it showed her cute little eyes.   I think she looks a bit mischievous.
(click to enlarge)

So, although I didn't get the pictures I had planned out in my head I did get some cute little shots of my girls.

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