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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Sarah!

Happy birthday to my younger sister, Sarah!  Today is her birthday and I haven't reached her on the phone yet.  So, to let her know I DID think of her on her birthday, I decided to make her today's "blog star".  

That's her up there.  Isn't she pretty?  In addition to being pretty on the outside she is pretty on the inside as well.  She has a very kind heart and is a great mommy, friend, wife and sister.  I wished she lived closer.  We would get into all kinds of trouble together.  Unfortunately, none of us girls live close by.  Bummer!  As little girls we used to make fun of our Grandma Burroughs who did live close to some of her sisters.  She would talk on the phone for so long with our Aunt Charlotte, Aunt Bec or Aunt Mary.  Sometimes our Pop would join in wondering, "what does she have to talk about with them for so long?  She just saw them!"  Now that we are older we are finding that we are turning into Grandma!  We can spend quite a long time on the phone.  Now, granted we don't live close by, but I would dare say we talk even more frequently than our Grandma talked with her sisters.  Thank goodness for unlimited long distance!

Anyway, happy birthday Sarah!  I hope you have had a great day.  I am thankful that you are my sister and my friend.  I hope my Liza and Louisa grow up to be sisters like us ( and Ally too!)  It is nice to know that no matter what there is someone out in the world who "gets you" just the way you are and understands exactly how you got to be you.  I love you! (As do the rest of my crew who all wish you a happy birthday!)

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Mark, Rebecca and Sophia said...

What a good sister you are! You guys look so much alike.