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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Did Jesus Have a Ponytail??

The title to this post probably caught your attention, huh?  You can thank Liza for it.  Here's how it came about:

 Tonight we took the kids to a drive through nativity.  A local church does it every year and I have wanted to see it ever since we moved here two years ago.  Seems like we always miss it, but not this year!  Although we had a crazy busy afternoon- homework, an early dinner and basketball playoffs for Benjamin, we decided we might as well do our drive through tonight.

We got there about 25 minutes before it was to be ending.  It probably wasn't the best time to go.  There were lots of brake lights as cars were waiting in line to proceed through the different sets.  We made the best of it by turning on the Christmas music, but let's face it- Christmas music just won't cut it for entertaining 4 little ones!  Liza started kicking the back of my seat, Harrison and Benjamin decided they wanted to switch seats and Ed commented that this ( the drive through nativity) may just overtake the Flotilla for his least favorite holiday outing that I drag him to.  As we neared the entrance things got a little better.  Harrison saw some guys dressed up as Roman soldiers.  They had shields and spears and what isn't to like about that??  Liza liked the entrance way because there were some real, live horses hanging out.  Neat, huh?  Benjamin began to get intrigued because there were speakers that were broadcasting the story that we were witnessing.  It was actually really cool.  The scenes followed the three kings from the time that they were awaiting the birth of our Savior all the way to Mary, Joseph and Jesus setting off to Egypt.  What made the drive through nativity even better was what was happening in our car as we drove along.

As we drove through the scenes Liza kept announcing that it was Jesus' birthday.  This in turn made Benjamin tell her to be quiet because he couldn't hear ( he REALLY likes to pay attention when a story is being told).  This little scenario repeated itself each time we drove up to a new set.  Harrison on the other hand kept wanting to know which guys were the kings (he was a king in his Christmas play).  This did NOT seem to bother Ben for some reason.  Perhaps Liza just has a louder voice??  Louisa, unlike any of the rest of them was quiet the entire time.  She was sleeping all snug in her car seat.

As we were leaving Harrison wanted to know why the king (Herrod) wanted Jesus.  Of course, the inner teacher in me came out and I wanted to see if he could understand.  I asked if he were king if he would want any other kings around.  He said he would ( Benjamin snickered as he knew this wasn't the answer I was looking for).  Harrison then announced that he WOULD want Jesus around.  Awwwww.  Melt my heart.  My sweet little Harrison has always talked about God and Jesus in such sweet ways.  Of course, he would want Jesus around!  After this conversation Liza announced that she took her ponytail out and that she didn't want me to do it before night-night time.  "OK" I told her.  Then, since we had been talking about Jesus, and because she had ponytails on her mind, she asked, " Did Jesus have a ponytail?"  So, did he??  I told her she could ask her teacher, and her grandparents.  I am sure they will thank me when they get the question posed to them :-)

(Sorry I have no picture to post tonight.  I can't believe I am posting without a picture!  What is a post without a picture??  Well, silly me thought that we most likely wouldn't make it to the nativity after Ben's b-ball game so I left my camera at home.  I'll do better next year!)

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