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Sunday, December 7, 2008

December Daily Pics

OK, so I have been a bit behind on my daily picture taking.  Well, really I have been taking the pictures.  I just haven't had time to download them and process them.  Process them, you might be wondering.  Well, yes- I have to do a little processing on my pictures before I post them.  Since taking my photography class this summer I have become hooked on shooting my pictures in the RAW file format.  RAW files contain more information which makes fixing mistakes a lot easier than JPEG shots.  You can also do some really neat editing with RAW files.  Anyway, I have just gotten behind but I will catch up!  Here are a few of my daily shots from this week.

Tuesday was the first day of Upward Basketball practice.  I LOVE Upward.  Ed and I coached Benjamin's team last year.  This year Harrison is old enough to play so we are coaching two teams- the 1st/2nd grade team along with the 5 year old team.  Oh my!  Are we crazy or what??  It is crazy but extremely fun for a person who loves basketball and playing around with little ones.  Plus I absolutely love how the whole program focuses on character and helping each child reach their potential instead of focusing on winning.  All kids are winners with Upward.  Did I mention that I LOVE Upward??

How cute is this picture?  I call it, "The Best Present of 2008".  I had intended to use this shot, or the one I had pictured in my head, on our Christmas card.  Actually, none of these shots with the big bow made the cut for the card this year.  You'll have to wait to get your card to see what picture of Louisa actually made the cut.

I captured this picture today while at our town's Breakfast with Santa.  Just love the reflection on this one.  I had a ton of pictures from the breakfast but something about this one just stole my heart.

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