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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Getting Ready for Christmas

Growing up, getting ready for Christmas meant picking out a tree with the whole family, decorating it, decorating the outside of the house, picking out and wrapping presents and doing something special with my dad. ( He took each of us girls shopping and out to eat wherever we wanted.)   I like remembering the holiday traditions from when I was little.  I hope my kids will have some nice memories of our holiday traditions.  

Right now, Harrison seems to be the most into traditions.  For two years he has helped me to make Christmas cookies.  He is known as "Sprinkle Boy".  He loves sprinkling the cookies.  Look how happy he was that yesterday was our first cookie baking day:

Liza was old enough to join in this year and actually do something other than lick the top of the sprinkle jars!  She was excited to join in the fun too.  She helped to dump the flour into the bowl.  She thought cookie making was cool.

Cookie making WAS cool until she got scolded for putting her hand too close to the mixer.  Then, to top it off, I had the nerve to take a picture of "Sobbing Liza".  I don't think she was too happy about that either.

While Liza was melting down Sprinkle Boy started his sprinkling duties.  Can you see why I must buy new sprinkles every year??

The end result, after all the drama, was a nice batch of yummy spritz cookies.  These little things are more than just cookies, they are the result of memories in the making. Hopefully, my little helpers enjoyed making them as much as me.

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