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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Old Baby In a Basket Picture

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OK, so it may sound crazy, but I have always wanted to put a baby in this basket that we have.  Sound weird?  Yes!  But here is the deal.  When my Dad and my Aunt were clearing out my grandparents house we came across this old basket.  It is a really neat basket with wide strips of some kind of wood.  It is a nice, deep rounded rectangle shape with two sturdy handles.  My aunt says that my Grandmother used to put my Dad in it as a baby although it was really her laundry basket.  I must say her laundry basket was a lot nicer than the flimsy plastic one that I have!  Anyway,  I just love the basket.  Up until this picture we had used the basket to keep our toys in our family room half way contained.  The other afternoon I finally decided that if I didn't get my "baby in the basket" picture then I never would as little Miss Louisa seems to be growing like a weed on Miracle Grow.  So, Liza, my little helper, helped me to take all the toys out so that we could line the basket with a soft pillow and a pretty baby blanket.  Then, because it was such a nice day ( 70 some degrees in November??!!), we took the basket outside under the trees.  I must say Louisa wasn't a huge fan of the basket.  I got more pictures of her screaming then I did of her smiling.  Not quite what I had envisioned in my head, but hey I got my pictures!  Just had to post this one- the best of the bunch- so that everyone could see how my newborn has transformed into an infant.  Where did my new little baby go????  

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Mark, Rebecca and Sophia said...

Agreed. She is looking very infant-like. Cute photo and explanation.