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Saturday, November 8, 2008

New Guest Stars!

My friend, Cindy, let me practice my picture taking skills on her two cute boys.  We had a good time yesterday tromping through the neighborhood trying to find the perfect fall colors.  Luckily, the lots that haven't been built on yet were recently mowed so we didn't have any super huge, overgrown weeds to deal with.

I love this shot because it so captures how I see the two boys.  Older brother is a bit more serious while younger brother lets loose a bit more.  ( They are the perfect playmates for my two boys!)

Here is another cute picture.  I love this one but the next is my favorite of this little guy...

Look at those eyes... that smile....
Can you say heartbreaker???

Here is another nice shot of big brother but like with little brother, the next is my favorite of the big guy..

Look at those cute dimples!

Are these two cute boys or what???

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sarah said...

Jennie- these photos are amazing. You really need to go into business b/c people around here would pay to have photos like these of their children. Those boys are cute too!