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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Few Firsts

This has been an unusual week.  It started off with snow flurries.  Yes, we saw our first snow since moving back to NC over two years ago.  Ben was so excited he decided to hop out of the car as soon as he got home from school so that he could catch the snowflakes on his tongue.  The poor child has been wanting some snow.  Turns out Ed and I aren't so great at picking out places to live that meet the kids' desires to see some real snow.  Atlanta and now here- just not snowy places...

Another first- Liza picked out her first "big girl" hat.   Those of you who know Liza know that the girl has a big head.  (Ed calls it her secret weapon. And he does mean weapon.  You don't want to get head butted by Liza, or Harrison for that matter!)  Since it was cold we made a trip to Target where Liza got to shop where the big girls shop.  Seems her head has beat the rest of her to the big girl section of the store!  I think she did a nice job of picking out a hat, don't you?

Last, but not least, I actually captured Louisa's smile in a picture.  I have been telling people that she is learning to smile.  At this age though it seems that it is gone before I can tell anyone to come and see.  While it isn't technically her first smile, it is her first captured smile.  Isn't she cute??

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I love this picture too:)