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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Check Out These Cuties!

I got to practice my photography again!  This time I borrowed some kids that we met through football.  Check out these two cuties!

This is big sister.  I told her she looks just like a model.  Don't you agree??

I don't like the light in this picture at all.  The sun was just in the wrong place to make the shot work but we had to try to get a "by the water picture."  ( And thank you to the big guy in the picture.  I know he was dying to get wet!)

Ahhhh!  How cute are this brother and sister??  He's a football player and she is a cheerleader for his team.  Doesn't get any sweeter than that (except this picture!)

Not the greatest picture but I love the lines in this one.  Can you tell we were chasing brother for part of the shoot?

Here's the big guy himself.  Benjamin really wanted to go with me to take the pictures but there is no way I would have gotten this shot.  The two boys would have been running wild!

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