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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Fun

I took a gazillion pictures yesterday and had such a hard time picking out which ones to put in my blog  board.  The ones above were some of my favorites.  I love the one with Liza asleep on my floor.  The anticipation was simply too much for her.  She wore her Little Mermaid costume around all day and crashed on my bedroom floor mid afternoon.  Unfortunately, she woke up on the "wrong side of the floor" and was quite a crank pot for our picture taking once everyone was all costumed up.  I think I have one other decent picture of her in her costume.  

I absolutely love the pictures of the boys.  As you can see they cooperated nicely with their momma.  Someday they will appreciate how their momma preserved their moments as Robin ( as in Batman and Robin) and as a basketball player ( I can't tell you which one he was but he liked his uniform).  

The awesome pumpkin was a joint creation of Benjamin and myself.  Of course, before we could make the pumpkin face we had to deal with the pumpkin guts.  Benjamin and Liza were really excited to help out ( It was Harrison's turn at being a crank pot during the pumpkin carving.)  They had a good old time scooping out the innards of the pumpkin and fishing out the seeds.  By the time that we were ready to roast the pumpkin seeds Harrison had snapped out of his attitude and helped us salt the seeds.

As for the candy picture, I had to put that in there after the comment that Ed made upon his arrival home.  As he walked in the door and saw the candy bowls sitting on the dining room table just waiting for the trick or treaters, he complained that I got the cruddy candy.  He thought that my candy selection would make children not want to come back to our house.  I don't think the candy looks too bad.  Do you?

Of course, missing from the board is our little Louisa.  She didn't have a costume per se but she did have this cute little outfit courtesy of her mom mom.  For her Halloween was nothing but a quiet house hanging out with her daddy as mommy took the other wild ones trick or treating with the neighbors.  Hey, I think she likes Halloween already!

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Mark, Rebecca and Sophia said...

I just love your collages! Check out my blog post. I found a website to make them!

Love the photo of Liza snoozing, and all the crankpot commentary!