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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Nice Weekend

I had to start out this post with a picture of my "H".  My big man scored his first basketball goal during a game.  I must admit I was a proud mommy.  And to top it off, because I am coaching his team and because the younger teams' coaches get to be on the court with their players, I was the first to give him five after he sank the ball.  Yes, it was a proud mommy moment.  So, although the pic below has absolutely nothing to do with basketball, I still had to post it so you could all see my "H", in honor of his first two-pointer.

And, moving right along, here are  few pictures of my Liza- glorious Doritos mouth and all.  She was being a trooper (as was Harrison in the pic above) and helping her mommy practice taking pictures of backlit subjects.  I learned about this nifty little auto exposure lock button on my camera.  Can I tell you how cool it is?  In pictures like these with a lot of light coming from behind the subject, you can zoom up on what you want exposed correctly ( their face) and lock in the correct exposure.  Then, when you recompose the shot, even with all that light flooding in from behind, your exposure will be correct.  Cool huh?  And to think I have had that nifty button on my camera for years!  

Finally, do you notice the cool little emblem with my name stamped on my pictures?  I decided to try my hand at photography as a business.  Pretty soon, I will be ready to start building my portfolio.  More on that later.  Just had to share my fancy new logo!

Off to snuggle up under the blankets.  It is cold here.  Hope you are warm where you are!


Mark, Rebecca and Sophia said...

Gorgeous!!! My goodness, you are good! I am thrilled that you are starting a business. I'll find a way to put you to work my friend. :-)

Ally said...

Beautiful pictures.. and love the new stamp..