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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Lulu!

This is my Liza Lu.  Don't ask me why we call her Liza Lu.  We just do and I think it is cute.  We also call her Lulu.  The poor child will probably go through life wondering what her real name is.  Is it her given name, Elizabeth?  The name we call her, Liza?  Her nicknames, Liza Lu, Lulu??  I can't believe I have done this to my child.  After teaching for years and having to call children by names other than those on my records, I always said I wouldn't ever do that to my kids.  Well, I guess you should never say never because I did!

Anyway, today is Liza's big day.  It is her third birthday.  I can't believe it has been three years since she came into our lives.  Before her, our home had no Barbies, no princesses, no dress up gowns.  Now our house is full of them and full of all the joy that little girls bring with them. Liza is quite the character and her personality is so precious to us.  She makes us laugh daily and she is not shy about expressing her love for us or her brothers and sister.

Here is a picture of that "ah-ha" moment when she saw what was wrapped up (an Ariel doll.)
And here is a cute picture that so captures her little self-sweet, happy, funny, scheming... Ahh, the many sides of Liza.
Happy Birthday my little angel girl.  I am so glad that God saw fit to send you to us three years ago.  He knew exactly what our family needed- Liza Lulu!

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