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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Go Deacs!

Basketball season is big around here.  I remember watching games with my family as a kid.  I was the geeky one with pencil and paper, keeping score so I could inform my dad who was winning.  When I first starting doing this I was constantly asking, "Was that shot worth 1 pt. or 2?"  OK, so it took me a while to figure out the whole free throw vs field goal thing, but hey, I finally got it.  

I got it so much that I went on to try out for the basketball team in middle school.  I wasn't that great but I made the team.  To help me improve my skills my parents let me go to Kay Yow's Basketball camp at NCSU ( she just lost her long battle with cancer this weekend).  I went for two summers and apparently it paid off.  I played ball in high school, intramurals in college and now I coach the little guys.  I love it!  I like to watch it, play it and share it with my kids.

So, tonight was a big night- Wake vs Duke.  If you are from around these parts then you know Duke is just about everyone arch enemy.  Carolina can't stand them, Wake doesn't like them and State could do without them too.  For about two weeks Benjamin and I have been planning to watch this game.  It's a big deal to have bragging rights about beating Duke, especially if you have friends who like them!  Here's a shot of my boy taking it all in.  He sat just like that for a lot of the game.  Towards the end he was jumping around, talking to the tv, high fiving, etc.  but, for a lot of the game he looked just like this:

Look at the concentration in this shot.  If I was a better photographer I would have gotten more of his hands.  He was doing this nervous, wring your hands kind of thing.  (Note to self- stop chopping hands out of pictures!)  He REALLY liked watching this game.  And, I really loved watching it with him.  Funny how it seems like just a few short years ago I had a little toddler standing beside me on the sofa as I watched the game.  I was so proud that I had taught him to say "Go Deacs!"  He was clueless about the game and honestly could have cared less.  Now I have this cool kid who understands the game, discusses plays with me and high fives me when our guy does this awesome rebound/slam dunk move.

Harrison, Liza and Louisa "watched the game with us too. ( Yes, I let them all stay up late! Like I said, this is a BIG game.)  Of course, their interest wasn't sustained and slowly but surely the Star Wars guys and blocks came out.  But, hey, they watched the most important parts with us.  And they will definitely be able to tell you who won.

Big Night, Big Game, Big Fun!

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