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Sunday, January 4, 2009

A New Blog Star!

Well, he had to know this was coming.  This is my brother in law, Guy, my newest blog star.  He has been a fixture at my parent's house since he started dating my sister back in high school.  I tell you that to let you know that we go back a long way.  Other than my siblings and blood relatives, he probably has the most first hand knowledge as to how each of us turned out the way we have.  He also probably has the best stories about each of us and we have some pretty good ones on him too.  Let me just say that he looks really nice in an orange jumpsuit!

Anyway, over Thanksgiving we were all together and were trying to get some shots of all the kids for the grandparent's Christmas cards.  I found these cute holiday lollipops and thought they would look good in a picture.  We had a few left over so guess who joined in the lollipop lickin' fun?  That's right- Guy!  That's where this shot came from.  I think when I took the picture he made a joke about it showing up on my blog...  One shouldn't joke about such things.... it makes them come true!!

Anyway, I did get some cool pictures of the kids with their lolli's.  I just love all the colors!

And, because I am a nice sister in law, I wanted to put a picture of Guy up here that he would really like.  This is him with his oldest daughter, Chelsea, who really likes to have pictures of her and her daddy.  Isn't that cute? ( Both the fact that she likes to have pictures with him and the picture itself!)

So, there you have it- my newest blog star!  Gotta love brother in laws that will let you slap their picture on your blog and not get mad at you :-)

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