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Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Birthday Girl

Liza's 4th birthday was yesterday. Hard to believe, but my big girl is now 4! We let her open one present in the morning- this pretty pink jumper. It had an adorable polka dot cardigan to accompany it. The cheery little cardigan is what made me buy the outfit as a birthday present. It just screamed birthday dress to me. But, 4 year old girls are quite particular about what they wear. So, sorry. Liza wanted the whole dress to show in her picture which meant no cardigan.

Here is my little birthday girl looking like she just might eat that lollipop before I tell her she can.

And this shot made me think she must have been dreaming of her valentine. Such a funny little thing she is!

And this one, I processed a little different with a Florabella Action. I just love the cool and dreamy look of it.

And this one is just my sweet little LuLu.

Happy Birthday my sweet girl. You are mommy's angel girl, sent straight from heaven.

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