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Friday, January 8, 2010

A Few From the Birthday Gathering

Liza's birthday party is not for a few more weekends. The holidays got the best of her mommy and the slacker didn't book her party early enough :-0! Oh well, gives us something to look forward too.

The night was still special though. Our best buddies came over to eat cake with us and a pretty cake it was. Check it out! Liza picked out the colors. ( And no- I didn't make it. )

Liza enjoyed opening presents. She loved her leapster game that got. She inherited the leapster once Harrison got a DS. Now that she has a "girl game" I am thinking it will be pulled out a lot more often. Her favorite thing so far about it? There is a sing along! Now she can sing with the princesses!

This picture just cracks me up. Look at the crowd at her little psuedo party- ALL boys ( except Louisa). How cute is that? My girl is a girly girl. She loves to wear dresses, insists on wearing dresses, loves dolls and makeup BUT she can hang with the boys. She is no push over. On any other day you may catch her wielding a light saber, yelling and chasing these boys. But, for today she was a little birthday princess.

Clapping at the singing. Remember, this girls loves to sing and I guess she loves to be serenaded too.

And a wish!

We had a lot of fun for such an impromptu party. Maybe this birthday planning stuff isn't needed after all. Give us cake and our awesome neighbors and that is party enough!

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