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Sunday, August 2, 2009

New Camera, New Pictures

Just a quick post to show off some new pictures taken with my new camera!  I actually got the camera almost two weeks ago but am just now getting time to really learn it.  While I do believe that the camera does not make the photographer, I can now say that it does help a little!

Here are a few pictures snapped with my new baby.  Along with the new camera I am trying out some new processing techniques.  Seems like I always have to be learning something.  What fun is it to always do things the same way?

Here is a soft/dreamy type processing.  Took these last night in front of a beautiful church downtown.  I love the grounds of this church.  So pretty!

And this one cracks me up.  I love how Liza wrinkles her little nose up.  She does it when she is being devilish.  My goodness she is a character!

And here is my little H.  Isn't he the best model?  You should have seen him posing for me!  I just love this little dude.

And this one is my absolute favorite of all the pictures I got from last night.  It's not my favorite because it is the best composition or the best processing.  It is my favorite because of what it says.  To me, this picture shows what life is like in our house at times- Liza being a character while the boys look on and laugh and/or wonder about her.  This is an emotionally perfect photography to me.

And lastly, I apologize for not including any photos that show our little Louisa.  A big storm blew up as we were taking these pictures so Miss Louisa missed her modeling time.  Never fear though, you know there will be more pictures soon!


La Dolce Vita said...

Adorable! Have fun with the new camera.

Gotta say that I love the one of H in front of the fence. That face and thick little hair!

laurie said...

Very nice pictures. What new camera did you get? Would you consider doing a little post about what lenses you like best for those of us that wish we could take pictures like yours.