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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My World Changed a Bit Today

After six years of having this cutie pie with me all the time, I sent him off to school by himself today.  For me it means my world has changed a bit.  Since 2000, the year my oldest was born, I have always had a boy by my side.  With my oldest two being boys I learned how to be a mom to boys.  Even now that we have had two little girls, I just somehow feel like a "boy mom".  Cars, Stars Wars, Batman, PowerRangers- these have been common conversation starters in our house for quite some time now.  Sports are also big in our house.  Football, basketball, baseball- you name it, my boys ( and Liza) can tell you something about it.  Slowly, as Liza has gotten older, we have started to have more princesses lying around the house, more dolls, and stuffed animals.  Even with the addition of all the girl stuff ( and there is plenty of it!) my mommy career started out with boys.  And now, both my boys are in big school.

All summer I have been telling Harrison how weird lunchtime would be when he was in school.  I am used to having my little H with me.  And today was weird.  After dropping Harrison off Liza, Louisa and I came home to a house that was a little quieter ( if you know Harrison you know his voice can carry!).  My poor little Liza followed me around from one task to another.  Today was the day she lost her best playmate during the day.  I guess I didn't even realize that she had become my shadow until I was trying to put Louisa down for her nap.  She quietly followed me into Louisa's room, where I was going to rock Louisa.  She dragged her little bathroom stool out of the attached bathroom and sat down beside me.  When I asked her if she missed Harrison she shook her little head and said, "Yeah, I miss Hair-son."    I told her I missed him too.

It will take some getting used to- this being without my boys during the day.  I will learn to be a "girl mom" and Liza will now take on a different role.  She will be my big kid and Louisa will be following her around like she used to follow Harrison around.  

Amazing how one day can change your world...

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La Dolce Vita said...

Good grief. How did this happen. He just can't be old enough!

Sounds like tea parties are in your near future.