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Friday, June 5, 2009

The Glad Game

I am so lucky to have friends who encourage and inspire me.  There are three people here in my little town that I used to spend a lot of time with.  These three people were teachers on my team and even after moving away and then moving back they are still people that I call my friends.  Each of them is unique in their own way and I marvel at the way life works out to bring people into each others' lives.  When we moved away nine years ago I never would have guessed that our paths would cross again.  

Tonight, as I was driving home I was running through the sometimes overwhelming parts of life- juggling schedules, keeping up the house, fixing things that are broken ( think air conditioner in 90 degree weather!) and I started feeling, well, overwhelmed!  I think the straw that "broke the camels back" was the air going out today.  After shelling out a lot of money a few months back to "recharge" the unit I was a bit distressed that it was not working again.  That is when my friend Amy came to mind.  She plays the "glad game" sometimes to look on the bright side of things.  So, I did too.  What, you might be thinking, is good about your air conditioning going on the blitz during 90 degree weather??  Can't think of one?  Well, I did!  I always complain about how the power bills in our town are ridiculously high. So, I can now look forward to a lower power bill this month.  No AC for several days, means we are using less electricity.  So, yeah!  Something to be glad about :-) Thanks Amy for inspiring me to play the glad game!  Amy is a Sunday school teacher at my church and she keeps the class on the same page by sending out e-mails throughout the week.  Those e-mails throughout the week help me to keep my head and heart from getting consumed with things that, in the end, aren't really that important ( like the A/C)  And.... thank you for teaching my Benjamin this year.  Since he won't be able to have you for his third grade teacher ( Amy is retiring in a few days!!) I am glad that he was able to benefit from your love and experience this year for math.  You have touched many lives as a teacher and I am a bit sad that there will be one less familiar face up at school but I am GLAD that you now get to enjoy retirement.  Thanks for all your hard work!

Now, since I did say I had three "teacher friends" that I was feeling thankful for tonight, I ought to give them some blog time too!  One of my other friends is Susan.  She lives the closest to me and is in the midst of getting ready for her daughter's wedding.  She is so much fun and when I think about her I think of enjoying life to the fullest.  She is definitely one to live by the glad game, although she might not call it that.  In all my years of knowing her, I have never known her to be down.  She is sure to pep anyone up.  Just being around positive people can make all the difference!  She has been awful busy lately as have I and we haven't seen much of each other.  Sorry for not calling to check in on you but I do miss seeing you my friend!  

And last but not least, is my jet setting friend Lynn.  Lynn has been out of the country for almost a month now!   Lynn has been leading our Bible study in her home for the past few years and I am so in awe of not only what she knows about the Bible but also by how giving she is.  She is such a great example of thinking about others.  When we moved back here years ago, she and Susan came over to help me clear out the flower beds in our yard.  She came armed with weed killer, pine straw and a helpful spirit.  I aspire to grow up and be as giving of my time, talents & gifts as she is.  I look forward to when she returns so we can go to the bagel place to catch up!

So, my crazy busy life and broken air conditioner led me to be glad for my friends that I have had the pleasure of working with and knowing for over a decade (gosh has it really been that long??)  I think we often think about our friends and family and what they mean to us but we rarely tell them.  These three ladies are super special and I hope they know it!

Now, the perfect end to this post would be a picture of me with my wonderful friends but alas, I do not have one!  Never fear though- you don't need to know what they look like.  I have told you enough so that you can "see" what is important about them- their hearts and their spirits.  Aren't they beautiful??

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