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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Been Neglecting the Blog

Had to post a few pictures since I seem to be neglecting the blog a bit.  Up top is a picture of our little lady who isn't so little anymore.  She is now eating big girl food- baby cereal that is.  Can you believe it?  Wow she is growing up fast!

Below is our bigger little lady.  Liza is full steam ahead trying to keep up with her brothers.  I snapped this cute little picture on afternoon as she was riding her trike to the neighbor's house.  Boy did she think she was hot stuff riding her bike to their house!

The rest of us are enjoying our time off from organized sports.  We went right from football in the fall to basketball in the winter.  We have a few weeks of rest before t-ball and baseball start.  We are happily remembering what it means to spend Saturdays at home doing things around the house instead of spending all day at church playing basketball.  

More later...

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