Shabby Miss Jenn

Friday, August 29, 2008

The Bear Walk

No, they didn't walk like a bear or talk like a bear, but they DID dream of being Bears- high school football players that is. Our local Pop Warner teams were invited to the high school to hear our state championship coach and to form the tunnel that the players ran through as they entered the stadium tonight. The kids got to go through the locker room and see the players prepare for the game. Unfortunately, we lost the game but the kids got a glimpse into what being a "big football player" will be like.


LivE said...

hi jenn! just dropping by to say your blog looks great, and you have the most awesome, cutest kids ever! happy blogging, and see you on the spraground! :D

Amy L said...

Jenn, your blog looks great! Hello from football country...we are watching the Alabama/Clemson game right now!