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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring Trainning

With baseball season getting ready to open up, the Reno boys have been hard at practice. Thanks to the awesome weather we have been enjoying, we have been able to go play in the backyard after dinner on most nights. A few nights ago we all went out in the backyard and the boys showed their momma what they can do.

Harrison is getting pretty good! It will be his last year playing t-ball and I can tell he is ready to move up. He can really whack the ball off the pitch and last night he was giggling away as he kept hitting them over the fence. Way to go my little H man!

Benjamin is also working hard. Last year he played an outfield position but I could tell he kind of wanted to play one of the bases. He has been working on playing first base this year and I think he is excited about it. The picture below just cracks me up. As Ben was getting ready to wing the ball over to Ed, little Miss Louisa came marching up to him yelling his name. I just love the little look on her face as she gazed up at her big brother. And, I love how he actually stopped to enjoy it. Not many 9 year old boys would stop what they are doing but this one is tender hearted when it comes to little sisters.
So, that is all for tonight. I figured it was about time I posted something of the boys, even if it was their backs! Of course, I have a gazillion things I could post about Louisa- her sitting on the table, her learning to blow her nose ( now if we can just teach her to do it with a tissue!), etc. But, I'll save those for another day....

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