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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Where's My Baby??

My days of babies are dwindling down. I can't believe it. How have all my babies gotten so big? We have been used to watching Louisa "walk" around on her knees for the past few months. Seems she has had absolutely no need to use her feet. And you should see this girl! She is fast- feet or no feet, this girl can move!

But recently, our little Louisa has discovered that she can actually walk on her feet. She is really encouraged to get up on those feet when one of her siblings beckons her. Look at big sis back there cheering her on.

I think Liza may just well be Louisa's biggest cheerleader. I don't know who was happier that she was walking- Louisa or Liza.

And it is so sweet when little sis makes it to big sis. I love that my girls love each other. Look at this hug :-)! I know, as they get older they will have their spats but I do believe that they won't forget these little moments that they share.

I am so thankful that my kiddos have each other to cheer them on. And I am thankful that when these little milestones happen I have some little people around here who share my joy. I just can't believe that my babies are all getting bigger. Now that she is walking I guess she is officially a toddler. Oh my!

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La Dolce Vita said...

My goodness, can't you slow those kids down a bit! :)

Welcome back into toddlerland with me! :)