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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Big Tent

So, our spring break trip to the beach is turning out to be on the cool side.  But, hey, it doesn't matter.  We are enjoying time to play and just have fun.  No worrying about who needs to be where, no homework to complete, and no practices to attend.  

Our adventure today took us to the circus!  The kids had never been to a circus but had heard plenty about them.  We had great seats and the kids got to experience it all. We saw tightrope walkers, clowns, women who hung by the hair ( oww!), elephants, camels and of course, a man shot out of a canon!

At intermission they had pony rides and such.  Harrison and Liza wanted to go (Ben was too big) so Ed took them.  When they put Liza on the pony she wasn't too wild about it so this is a picture of Liza's pony ride:

Liza thought the ponies were a little better from outside the ring.

Harrison was much more excited.  He liked that little pony!

The kids loved the circus.  In a few years we will do it all again so that Louisa will be able to remember it!

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